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What is Pelita Logistik?

Established in 2007, Pelita Logistik provides logistics and sea transportation solutions to coal mining companies in Indonesia.

What They Say

IMC Pelita Logistik provides everything I'm looking for in a workplace. Starting from a family-like working environment, work-life balance, various kinds of training and well-being programs for employees, to the welfare and health of employees, which the company pays so much attention to, especially during the past Covid-19 pandemic. Management also provides opportunities for employees to learn a lot about various things, so they can develop their skills and careers. And company leaders don't hesitate to share their knowledge and invite employees to move together to achieve the company's business goals. IMC Pelita Logistik is not a big company, but it has a very family atmosphere, and for me it is an ideal place to work and develop my career.

Hariman Chalid

Corporate Communication Manager

Having a company policy that focuses on the welfare of employees and their families, a comfortable work environment with a solid and compact work team, self-competence development with many opportunities to attend various trainings to add new knowledge and insights. Very 'work and life balance' and prioritizes the principle of 'well-being of a humankind', I can't turn my heart away, PLOG is the best!

Desi Femilinda

Corporate Secretary Senior Manager

Joining PT. IMC Pelita Logistik was like an answer to my prayers at that time. Working in a company that can stand firm during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Companies protect their employees by providing lunch, transportation reimbursement, various program to minimize the spread of the virus among employees including periodic PCR tests, and vaccines coordinated by the office. In addition, the company also supports employee development, by holding various trainings, CCC activities that can channel employee interests. On the work side, a comfortable and dynamic work environment. Can interact directly with colleagues from various countries, to increase employee competence. In addition, management is also very supportive of employee self-development. PLOG is the best!!!

Galuh Adiaputra

IT Aplications Assistant Manager

Having a good work environment such as co-workers who are adaptive and cooperative is a value that I got while working at PT IMC Pelita Logistik Tbk. When all teams coordinate and help each other, the vision and mission of the Company can be realized. PT IMC Pelita Logistik is also responsive to logistics business situations. I believe PT IMC Pelita Logistik will always be at the forefront of the shipping logistics industry in Indonesia.

Debora Gabriella

Internal Audit Senior Executive

During my time at Plog, I feel a very dynamic work environment. As a company that continues to grow, leadership from management is very strong to 'lead by example' so we can bring out the best potential for the company. I really feel a company culture that prioritizes employee well-being. Especially with the various employee’s well-being activities and training for self-capacity development provided by PLOG to employees, it is very beneficial and makes me more aware of mental health and self-development amidst the busyness of being a worker.

Dama Ika Novita

General Affairs Executive