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PLog Samarinda Employees Help Revitalize And Reforest Karang Mumus River

PLog employees from the Samarinda branch office helped with the revitalization and reforestation program of the Karang Mumus River last month. The Karang Mumus River is a stream of the Mahakam River, largest river in East Kalimantan province, with a flow length of 34.7 kilometers in the Samarinda region, one of the water transportation routes for residents. But later, according to Environment Agency (BLH) Samarinda, the water quality of the Karang Mumus River has been heavily polluted from household waste that exceeds the normal threshold. By cruising down the river as far as 13km using a traditional motorboat, 6 large bags containing various kinds of waste were collected. The activity then continued with planting plant seeds around the river. Plog also donated cash for maintenance costs, 50 plant seeds, and motorboat engine parts for the clean-up the river community.